Even the Best Resume Can’t Overcome Your Online Reputation

So you have worked to create the best resume or cv documents possible, and are ready to send them out. But wait – before you take that step you simply must research your online footprint. The very first thing that recruiters, hiring managers and employers are doing, prior to ever contacting you – is checking […]

Five Tips to Branding Yourself

Originally posted on the AICPA website, read the original here Five Tips to Branding Yourself We’ve all been taught that a firm handshake, professional attire, and sound credentials are the makings for a good first impression. Today, that’s no longer enough. The advent of blogs, Facebook, and Twitter have enabled anyone and everyone to become […]

Is Resume Posting to Job Boards Worth Your Time?

I have always maintained that you are most likely not going to find your next job or career move via one of the numerous job boards out there, for many reasons.  Unless you are in a high-demand field, it is one of the least effective job search methods, with a measly 10% success rate. While […]