Resume Keyword Optimization & Action Verbs List

Resume keyword optimization is a vital part of writing a winning document that is going to get noticed. The majority of employers today utilize complex ATS (applicant tracking system) software and scanning technology that allows them to search large databases of candidates for specific traits, keywords and skills. Keywords vary greatly by industry, title and […]

July 28, 2013 Job Search, Resume Advice

LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts

There are a number of things people can do to either enhance or harm their profiles on LinkedIn, here are the basic Dos and Don’ts: Dos ■  Do make the headline at the top more descriptive than just a one-word job title. The more you describe yourself, the more likely your name will pop up […]

Working Moms and Work-Life Balance

Nearly every working Mom that I know struggles at some point with work-life balance. There is not one blanket solution – for some returning to work immediately may be best, for others it might be negotiating some more flexible hours or telecommute options. What IS important, is that we continue to support each other, keep […]

July 14, 2013 Career Path

Funny Resume Mistakes – Resume Do’s and Don’ts

More than 12.5 million Americans are looking for work. For many of them, the difference between being a statistic and being employed is a good resume.  A new CareerBuilder survey of almost 2,300 hiring managers nationwide asked what would make them automatically dismiss a candidate. Among the top responses were typos (61 percent), an inappropriate […]