How Devastating Loss Teaches Us to Overcome Challenges

This is a blog entry that I wrote several years ago, when the death of our son Gavin was still very fresh. As I reflect today, the day he would be 3 years old, I think it is appropriate to share again.   I’m going to share something very personal and very painful with you. […]

September 30, 2013 Career Path, Job Search, Uncategorized

How to Job Hunt Privately on LinkedIn

While many of my clients are open about their job search, others want to stay open to opportunities without alerting the people they work with. Here is an excellent article on LinkedIn that shows  how to adjust privacy settings to run a job search without announcing it to all of your connections. The Stealth Job Search: […]

September 23, 2013 Job Search, LinkedIn

Job Search Tips for Q4, October – December 2013

We are heading into Q4 of 2013, with the holidays fast approaching. Take advantage of the season and don’t let your job search stall out with these job search tips: Network at Holiday Parties.  The holiday season is often filled with parties for families, friends, business associates, charity groups and more. Not only can you […]

September 16, 2013 Career Path, Job Search

Job Search Tips When Returning to the Workforce

This is a great article on LinkedIn explaining how to run a job search when you are currently unemployed, or are returning to the workforce after some time off. While it focuses on LinkedIn profiles, many of the strategies can be applied to your resume and cover letter as well. How to Job Hunt When […]

Do You Need a Résumé in the LinkedIn Era?

You’ve got a killer LinkedIn profile, so do you even need a traditional resume? The answer, beyond doubt, is YES. Here is an excellent article from HBR on why an old-fashioned resume is still necessary in this era of LinkedIn and online job search. Read the original article on here. Do You Need a […]

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