Professional Resume Company Podcast: Build the Perfect Resume from Scratch

  I recently had the opportunity to work with a great new resource for job seekers, Secrets of the Hire to record a valuable podcast on how to build the perfect resume from scratch. As a former executive recruiter with a thriving professional resume company, they wanted to know my thoughts on how to craft […]

Five Critical Resume Writing Rules

Is your resume powerful or weak? Strong resumes that get results have one very simple thing in common – they answer the vital question that employers want to know… “Will this person be an asset, or burden?” Your resume will be read by recruiters, hiring managers and senior-level executives. When they look at your resume, […]

June 16, 2014 Job Search, Resume Advice

Is Your Resume Working For or Against You?

As an executive resume writer, I review 100’s of resumes a week that span the spectrum from powerful and compelling to weak and ineffective. So let me ask you this – do you know how your resume performs? Is it working for or against you? Let me share a really easy way to gauge your […]