Did you know that hiring a qualified professional resume service or executive resume writer to craft your career documents makes recruiters and hiring managers 77% more likely to initiate contact? But that’s not it – optimized resumes command higher salaries and generally more than pay for themselves during your first week of work. So the question becomes, can you afford to NOT invest in the best resume possible?

“Look at your career as your primary investment. Keep your earning power at its highest level. The money you spend doing this will return more to you than all other investments you are likely to make. You are your own best investment!”
— Austin Kiplinger, Kiplinger Magazine

Here are some of the top benefits from hiring our professional resume company to optimize and brand powerful resume documents.

You will find a job faster.

High-quality resumes are proven to help job-seekers attain interviews and job offers faster than weak resumes. Can you afford to lose salary while you job search but don’t obtain interviews? How much money are you losing each week that you are out of work?

You can escape from a job you hate.

If you are burdened with a job that you dislike, can you afford to use a resume that doesn’t get interviews and job offers? While a self-written resume might work, chances are that you will not get your ideal salary or dream job. A professionally designed resume will yield faster and higher quality results.

You will stand out from the crowd.

Your resume has an average of 6-10 seconds to make the initial “Yes” or “No” cut. In addition, recruiters and employers are inundated with 100’s sometimes 1000’s of resumes for each open position. It is vital that your resume is visually pleasing, easy to read, laser focused and packed with industry keywords or you won’t make the cut, much less get a call back or interview.

You will be perceived as someone who takes his or her career seriously.

Smart professionals understand that being serious about their career means proactively taking control and investing in professional career-marketing documents. A high-quality resume demonstrates that you value your strengths, skills and accomplishments and that you take your career seriously. There is no doubt that this will win favor with employers.

You can command a higher salary.

A professionally crafted resume will position you to negotiate for a higher salary than you have commanded before and gives you a competitive edge over job-seekers with inferior resumes.

You can effectively market your hard-earned education and training.

After spending large amounts of money on a degree(s) and advanced training, it only makes sense to use a resume that will effectively market that education and yield a strong return.

You save time.

We ask our clients to invest some time providing specific information, usually quantifiable accomplishments and links to jobs of interest. But you will not have to agonize over writing a clear, concise and targeted document – we do that for you and provide an effective personal marketing tool so that you can focus your time where it will matter most, on your actual job search.

You don’t have to learn about the latest cutting-edge trends in resume writing.

Best-practice resume writing trends are constantly changing and evolving. A professional resume company will stay abreast of industry news, ATS (applicant tracking system) changes, and what employers look for so that you don’t have to.

One quick warning about price shopping…

While there are numerous online resume mills that crank out cheap resumes, they are usually ineffective and most people could do the very same thing (or better) themselves. Crafting a resume from scratch with personal branding and attention to detail takes time, skill and effort. Not everyone has the talent or ability – you don’t have to pay $1000+ for a high quality executive resume, but it is not a smart investment to go with a low-cost provider.  You get what you pay for so keep this in mind when choosing a professional resume service to partner with.