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Job Search Resource – Leadership Development Programs

Rotational Programs & Leadership Development Programs – 2017 List Leadership development programs provide you with in-depth experiences, executive-level relationships and ongoing mentorship, plus training across a range of business areas within a company. These leadership development programs are designed to attract post-graduates and train them through rotational or specific, structured training programs. Companies are looking to recruit and develop future […]

Job Search – Best Practice – Job Search 101

This should seem elemental, but trust me, it’s needed. Here are my top tips for best-practice job search: 1. Introspection – this is the stage of honing what you are looking for, what you bring to the table, what will bring you joy – the ideas behind one the most popular job search books ever […]

April 10, 2015 Career Path, Job Search

Top 10 Things NOT to do During a Job Search

We’ve all been there: clicking send on an application or sitting in a job interview when we realize.. I JUST MADE A BIG MISTAKE. Maybe we misspelled a name on the cover letter or told the hiring manager a little too much personal information. Either way, we knew it was the moment we were culled […]

April 10, 2015 Career Path, Job Search

Resume Distribution to Executive Recruiters or PE/Venture Capital Firms

I always talk about proactive job searching techniques – often called “tapping into the hidden job market” – but in reality, a proactive job search involves networking to learn about jobs and opportunities that will never make it to a public posting or job board advertisement. Whether you are actively seeking a new position or […]

Is Your Resume the Problem? Probably Not.

As a professional resume writer that constantly preaches the importance of a high-quality, optimized and branded resume in your job search, this blog title might catch you off guard. Is your resume important? Yes, of course. A well crafted resume will open doors, command a higher salary, and help you stand out in a competitive […]

How to Write a Resignation Letter (Hint: Hold your Tongue)

Your job search was successful and you have landed a new position. So now it’s time to tell your current employer – how do you do it? Here are some guidelines to help keep you on track and out of trouble. 1. Never, EVER resign until you have a concrete job offer. This generally means […]

July 22, 2014 Career Path, Job Search

Buyer Beware: Tips To Chose the Right Professional Resume Company

I feel the need to write this blog after recently working with several clients to repair resumes written by unscrupulous “resume writers” or mills cranking out high-volume, low-quality work while claiming to be a “professional resume company”.  These “professionals” are all over the web offering cut-rate services on Craigslist, or even fancy websites with resume […]

Professional Resume Company Podcast: Build the Perfect Resume from Scratch

  I recently had the opportunity to work with a great new resource for job seekers, Secrets of the Hire to record a valuable podcast on how to build the perfect resume from scratch. As a former executive recruiter with a thriving professional resume company, they wanted to know my thoughts on how to craft […]

Is Your Resume Working For or Against You?

As an executive resume writer, I review 100’s of resumes a week that span the spectrum from powerful and compelling to weak and ineffective. So let me ask you this – do you know how your resume performs? Is it working for or against you? Let me share a really easy way to gauge your […]

Can You Afford NOT to Invest in an Executive Resume Writer?

Did you know that hiring a qualified professional resume service or executive resume writer to craft your career documents makes recruiters and hiring managers 77% more likely to initiate contact? But that’s not it – optimized resumes command higher salaries and generally more than pay for themselves during your first week of work. So the […]

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