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Is Your Resume the Problem? Probably Not.

As a professional resume writer that constantly preaches the importance of a high-quality, optimized and branded resume in your job search, this blog title might catch you off guard. Is your resume important? Yes, of course. A well crafted resume will open doors, command a higher salary, and help you stand out in a competitive […]

Buyer Beware: Tips To Chose the Right Professional Resume Company

I feel the need to write this blog after recently working with several clients to repair resumes written by unscrupulous “resume writers” or mills cranking out high-volume, low-quality work while claiming to be a “professional resume company”.  These “professionals” are all over the web offering cut-rate services on Craigslist, or even fancy websites with resume […]

Professional Resume Company Podcast: Build the Perfect Resume from Scratch

  I recently had the opportunity to work with a great new resource for job seekers, Secrets of the Hire to record a valuable podcast on how to build the perfect resume from scratch. As a former executive recruiter with a thriving professional resume company, they wanted to know my thoughts on how to craft […]

Five Critical Resume Writing Rules

Is your resume powerful or weak? Strong resumes that get results have one very simple thing in common – they answer the vital question that employers want to know… “Will this person be an asset, or burden?” Your resume will be read by recruiters, hiring managers and senior-level executives. When they look at your resume, […]

June 16, 2014 Job Search, Resume Advice

Is Your Resume Working For or Against You?

As an executive resume writer, I review 100’s of resumes a week that span the spectrum from powerful and compelling to weak and ineffective. So let me ask you this – do you know how your resume performs? Is it working for or against you? Let me share a really easy way to gauge your […]

Can You Afford NOT to Invest in an Executive Resume Writer?

Did you know that hiring a qualified professional resume service or executive resume writer to craft your career documents makes recruiters and hiring managers 77% more likely to initiate contact? But that’s not it – optimized resumes command higher salaries and generally more than pay for themselves during your first week of work. So the […]

Smart Job Seekers Do These 10 Things

CareerBuilder posted a great article on what “smart” job seekers do, it seems simple enough, but I see these mistakes made over and over again. So, what separates the smart job seeker from others looking for employment? Oftentimes, it is one of these 10 things: 1. They realize a potential job lead could be anywhere. […]

Job Search Tips When Returning to the Workforce

This is a great article on LinkedIn explaining how to run a job search when you are currently unemployed, or are returning to the workforce after some time off. While it focuses on LinkedIn profiles, many of the strategies can be applied to your resume and cover letter as well. How to Job Hunt When […]

Do You Need a Résumé in the LinkedIn Era?

You’ve got a killer LinkedIn profile, so do you even need a traditional resume? The answer, beyond doubt, is YES. Here is an excellent article from HBR on why an old-fashioned resume is still necessary in this era of LinkedIn and online job search. Read the original article on here. Do You Need a […]

September 1, 2013 Job Search, LinkedIn, Resume Advice

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is defined as – The sum of your personal and unique attributes that differentiates you from your peers and enables you to provide that definitive quality of work that best represents who you are. Attributes like your core values, motivational skills, leadership strengths, passions, purpose, and mission are your attractive forces that bond, […]

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