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Resume Distribution to Executive Recruiters or PE/Venture Capital Firms

I always talk about proactive job searching techniques – often called “tapping into the hidden job market” – but in reality, a proactive job search involves networking to learn about jobs and opportunities that will never make it to a public posting or job board advertisement. Whether you are actively seeking a new position or […]

Is Your Resume the Problem? Probably Not.

As a professional resume writer that constantly preaches the importance of a high-quality, optimized and branded resume in your job search, this blog title might catch you off guard. Is your resume important? Yes, of course. A well crafted resume will open doors, command a higher salary, and help you stand out in a competitive […]

Jump Start Your Job Search – Five Tips to do TODAY!

I say it over and over again – be PROACTIVE in your job search! I write blogs, send newsletters and coach clients on how to run a job search that will get results. But it never fails.. almost weekly I have an unemployed client contact me and say “I am not hearing back from my […]

Is Resume Posting to Job Boards Worth Your Time?

I have always maintained that you are most likely not going to find your next job or career move via one of the numerous job boards out there, for many reasons.  Unless you are in a high-demand field, it is one of the least effective job search methods, with a measly 10% success rate. While […]