As an executive resume writer, I review 100’s of resumes a week that span the spectrum from powerful and compelling to weak and ineffective. So let me ask you this – do you know how your resume performs? Is it working for or against you?

Let me share a really easy way to gauge your resume’s strength.. if you are putting it out there, networking and making connections but are not being contacted for interviews, then it’s likely that your resume is working against you and you don’t even know it!

Your resume is a personal marketing piece that is designed to do one thing – grab the attention of recruiters and potential employers and motivate them to contact you for an interview. Once you have been contacted the resume has done it’s job and the rest is up to you.

We all know that the job market is extremely competitive right now. Employers don’t have time to waste and are inundated with 100’s of qualified candidates for each open position. Your resume must showcase your value and help you stand out from the crowd. It has to sell you – otherwise your chances of making it into the “YES” pile and next round of reviews are non-existent.

I founded my professional resume company, Strategic Resume Specialist with one goal in mind – to take the knowledge and experience that I gained as an executive recruiter, and pass that knowledge on to job seekers to empower and invigorate their job search efforts. If your career documents are not getting the response you desire, send them to me for a free review. Knowledge is power – don’t waste another day using a weak resume that doesn’t support your career aspirations and strongly represent you to the market.