We are heading into Q4 of 2013, with the holidays fast approaching. Take advantage of the season and don’t let your job search stall out with these job search tips:

  1. Network at Holiday Parties.  The holiday season is often filled with parties for families, friends, business associates, charity groups and more. Not only can you mingle with your usual social circles, but you can also branch out and meet new acquaintances who just might have an opportunity for you.  They key to networking at holiday functions is to be genuine, and also appear knowledgeable and driven. Most introductions and conversations include who you are and what you do – take advantage and express an interest in a specific line of work, or mention that you are open to change.
  2. Consider Seasonal Opportunities.  The holidays open up all kinds of new opportunities as consumers are shopping, spending, traveling and shipping. Many industries need additional support during the holiday rush, and these jobs could lead to permanent work. Countless companies need help in customer service, administrative support, hospitality, account management, finance, inventory management, technology and sales.
  3.    Thank Those Who Have Helped you Professionally During the Year.  It is likely that you have reached out to other for help, advice and resources. Even if those conversations did not move your job search forward, maintain positive relationships by taking the time to reach out and thank those that helped you. Send a well-written note card, personalized email, or even make a phone call to express your gratitude for their time and effort. This approach is not only polite; it can also refresh your job search if any of your contacts have heard of recent opportunities.

As 2013 winds so an end, so can your job search. Take the time to network, consider seasonal opportunities, and express gratitude to everyone that has helped your job search so far. These simple, yet effective steps can move your career in the right direction, and keep you search from stalling during the busy holiday season.