I say it over and over again – be PROACTIVE in your job search! I write blogs, send newsletters and coach clients on how to run a job search that will get results. But it never fails.. almost weekly I have an unemployed client contact me and say “I am not hearing back from my resume submissions like I had hoped”.  If you are only applying to jobs online, you are not going to get a great response.  Not only will you be competing against 100’s or 1000’s of candidates, but often the job is not really “open” and the posting is just a formality!

So what do you do? I have created a short checklist that you can do TODAY to recharge your job search – and it WILL get results!

First of all, if you have not  hired a trusted professional to  improve your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letters to garner more of the right attention, then do that before anything else.  No matter how well you job search, if you resume isn’t competitive, you will not get contacted.

Here is your to-do list – complete this list TODAY and jump start your job search!

1. Add 10-25% more connections to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn makes it incredibly easy to connect with people, but don’t just send the default message. Take a moment to write a personalized note. You can read my suggestions in detail here, along with suggestions for connection messages.

2. Introduce yourself to the hiring manager or a higher up connection at a target company where you want to work. Email is ok, but a phone call is best. Don’t be vague – tell them why you want to work for the company and ask for an informational meeting in person or via phone. This gives you a personal connection and puts you leaps ahead of other candidates – it’s also a technique that people tend to avoid – so make yourself do it. If you call at least one target contact each day, you will have a job in no time.

3. Pick one person from your LinkedIn connections that you have not spoken with in a while (or ever!)  and either call or email – again, calling is best.  A simple message such as “Hi John, we are connected on LinkedIn and I have not chatted with you in a while (or, we have not chatted yet). Would love to connect with you and chat a few moments about… (your company of interest, a current industry event, etc).  Let me know and we can schedule something or just pick up the phone and call me back…”

4. Post your resume to job boards. Yes, this is passive – but recruiters to search for job seekers whose qualifications match specific requirements when they do what’s called sourcing candidates. Sourcing candidates involves combing resume sites, using key words and phrases to identify potential candidates. Often times this happens on LinkedIn, but you would also be surprised how often recruiters use CareerBuilder, Monster and lots of niche industry sites. I keep a personal resume posted to track activity, and I still get contacted several times a month! You can post your resume on your own for free, or you can pay a company like ResumeRabbit to post for you to up to 75 sites at one time.     If you are concerned about privacy, I recommend that you still post your resume, but change identifying information – use first initial, last name and change your current employer’s name to “Major Hospital” instead of listing the actual company.

5. Turn off the news, leave negativity behind and keep a positive outlook. You can’t control how quickly a potential employer calls you back or whether or not they decide to hire you so turn your attention to things you can control – like proactive networking!

If you follow these 5 steps, your job search will get invigorated and you will see results! If you are still frustrated and feel that you need more support or assistance, reach out to me. One on one job search coaching may be just what you need to create and properly execute your job search.