I have always maintained that you are most likely not going to find your next job or career move via one of the numerous job boards out there, for many reasons.  Unless you are in a high-demand field, it is one of the least effective job search methods, with a measly 10% success rate.

While networking, both in person and online is by far where the majority of your time needs to be spent, you can post to job boards and I have even had clients get contacted this way. Just make sure you do not spend too much time in this area, and use the following guidelines to maximize your postings.

1. Don’t just focus on the “big guys” – even with the best keyword infusion in your documents it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Explore smaller and niche job boards related to your industry and career level.

2. Consider local and regional job boards – Employers are still using area-specific job boards to source for candidates.

3. Utilize industry and professional association websites – Many have both job and resume posting areas, and as a former executive recruiter, I can tell you they were one of the first places I would look for qualified candidates.

4. Post directly to company websites – Many employers keep sophisticated databases filled with applications and resumes, and can search them based on keywords. It is worth applying, just make sure your resume document has the correct keywords infused or you will not make it past the ATS filters.

As always, I do not recommend that you spend more than about 10% of your time on job boards and job postings. But when you do spend time in this area, make it count.